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Body Painting

The one and only Miss Jayde Wright paid the Studio another visit yesterday.  This time she had Miss Kirsty Waller in tow with huge travel bag of make up kit, paint brushes and silver paint. Two hours later and a lot of tea and coffee and here's what it was all about 😉 Oh......and there's silver paint everywhere now 😉   ......   Tweet



Busy, busy, busy last night when the 'Socialite Team' paid the studio a visit. We were shooting for the new Socialite website and some fantastic new projects the Socialite Team have planned. #itsalifestyle    Tweet


Festivals Gallery Uploaded

I knew I was going to have to sit down at some point and sort through my images to go up in this gallery. I kinda just crashed loads up and will (hopefully tomorrow) whittle the gallery down to a more sensible size. I feel that 100+ images is just a few too many. Tweet