About Me, Craig Muir Photography

Thanks for dropping in and now you're here I should probably take a moment to introduce myself.

I'm Craig, but you probably already guessed that from the web address !

I could go on and tell you about what inspires me, thoughts about 'the meaning of life', and gambit's of infinite wisdom but I won't ! (well, not too much)

Photography was announced to the world in 1839 by a couple of French blokes. Now, I obviously wasn't around to witness it's inception and marvel at the technology of producing images from projected light and a lens and recording them onto film or other such light sensitive materials. My introduction to photography was filled with far less grandure and historic importance when, at the tender age of 6 when I was gifted a small polaroid camera (an SX-70, for those of you that are interested) for my christmas one year. After I'd blitzed my way through the first four packs of film and taken numerous images of my feet, my mum, dad and brother, the novelty of my own 'picture maker' had worn off and it was onto my next present.

Through the years I picked up many a camera from the ever so simple 'point and shoot' disposable KODAK FUN CAMERA in the late 80's, until I finally got my hands on my first 'real' camera, my Canon EOS 10 SLR 35mm in the mid 90's. I had a phase of spending stupid amounts of time and money on trying to find that 'perfect picture' and never did but enough about ancient history !

Today my photography is more about capturing what makes me smile and what makes other people light up with joy, enthusiasm and 'life'. Whether that be a Studio Session, a Sporting Event, a Music Concert or quite simply something that catches my eye. My camera is never far from my hand.

I hope you enjoy my images as much as I do

  • Craig Muir
  • Freelance Photographer
  • Based in East Lothian, Scotland


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